Week Forty Four {365 Project} | 2017

302/365 Finally got our pumpkin carving/ painting done today!! Pretty sure Jackson had to most fun pulling the pumpkin’s “slime” out 😂#allboy 303/365 Such a fun night at our church’s Shreek on the Creek, but first Halloween costume photos ❤ “Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling...Even Captain Hook, you are my perfect story book” “What if … Continue reading Week Forty Four {365 Project} | 2017

Week Forty Three {365 Project} | 2017

295/365 One of my favorite paintings of his from Kindergarten last year. We had to pull it back out this year to hang on the fridge! 296/365 Another day, another pumpkin patch 🎃 297/365 You are my mini me This is a pretty sad looking leaf, lol but it's showing some signs of Fall here … Continue reading Week Forty Three {365 Project} | 2017

Week Forty Two {365 Project} | 2017

288/365 Cinnamon rolls for breakfast to celebrate you!! Also, you have the best expressions!! 289/365 Career day at school...I didn't have time to come up with something creative for a construction worker, so second choice is a fireman! 🚒 290/365 Tacky Tuesday Another day of Julianna's #ootd  😂 291/365 Enjoying a morning with my "twins" Perfect … Continue reading Week Forty Two {365 Project} | 2017

Week Forty One {365 Project} | 2017

281/365 Your idea of helping dad in the garage 😂 Right before I took this, you two were in deep conversation over who you were going to marry and how they would wear lipstick 💄. Lol it's hard to imagine you will be grown men with families of your own someday! 282/365 First pumpkin patch … Continue reading Week Forty One {365 Project} | 2017