Week Fifty Two {365 Project} | 2017

358/365 Almost missed this due to a bloody nose, but Christmas Eve service is my fave!! 359/365 I love the crazy of Christmas morning 360/365 A few seconds of playing nice 361/365 The lack of naps finally caught up with you. Nothing worse than having a sick baby. 362/365 I never had to wonder where … Continue reading Week Fifty Two {365 Project} | 2017

Week Fifty One {365 Project} | 2017

351/365 Y’all finally got to decorate your gingerbread houses and I may have taken way too many photos, per usual. (more coming soon!) 352/365 Poor sick girl Can it be Christmas always, please? 353/365 Today didn’t go as planned (sister stayed home sick from school) and we didn’t get to go on our date to … Continue reading Week Fifty One {365 Project} | 2017