Dinosaur Valley State Park {Glen Rose, TX}

Justin has had the backpacking itch for a while now, so we decided to make it happen this weekend. We originally wanted to hike in and set up camp for the evening, but all the primitive campsites were booked out for weeks. So, we spent all day hiking, playing in the water, and also made … Continue reading Dinosaur Valley State Park {Glen Rose, TX}

Week Twelve {365 Project} |2017

78/365 Pretty sure you were made to be a KU cheerleader. We are ready to cheer for our Jayhawks today 💙❤️ I always ask you if I can steal your eyelashes! And you are always willing to give them to me 😂😂 I love the way you look at your big brother! 😍👧🏼👦🏼 79/365 We have been keeping … Continue reading Week Twelve {365 Project} |2017

Week Eleven {365 Project} | 2017

71/ 365 72/365 73/365 I sure missed you all! We had a fun evening outside riding bikes, searching for four leaf clovers, and attempting to go strawberry picking (they were closed because they were all gone 😦 We will try again another day!) No luck with four leaf clovers today 🍀 Nothing better than the … Continue reading Week Eleven {365 Project} | 2017

Picking Strawberries {Storm Farms}

I have been dying to take the kids to pick strawberries, so we stopped by Storm Farms on our way to take my mom to the airport this morning. We arrived about 15 minutes before they opened because the berries go quick. We were third though the gate, but there were lots of people behind us. We picked about 4 … Continue reading Picking Strawberries {Storm Farms}

A Day in the City {The Dallas World Aquarium, NorthPark Center, and The Dallas Arboretum}

Today was the so busy and fun... it was the last day I had my husband and momma to help with the kiddos for Spring Break. We had to squeeze it all in!! We did the Aquarium, NorthPark Center for shopping and lunch, and the Arboretum!! And we are all spent! I love that you had … Continue reading A Day in the City {The Dallas World Aquarium, NorthPark Center, and The Dallas Arboretum}