Winter Bingo Cards

I have the pleasure of getting to be Jackson’s room parent again this year. A friend told me they were playing bingo for their game and I thought that sounded a lot more calm than most of the games I was planning on doing. After some research, I could only find wintery bingo cards with 12 cards at most and we have 22 kids, so I decided to throw something together…I did try to make each card different, but I’m sure there will still end up being some bingos happening at the same time! SO if you need a super last minute bingo game for up to 24 kids, here you go: DOWNLOAD HERE!  I just printed on regular paper and laminated them, but you could do card stock and also let the kids color the shapes. We plan to use Mnms as our game pieces.


You can also click the photo to take you to Dropbox to download! As always, these are for personal use only! Please do not copy, sell, or alter in anyway. Thank you!