Celebrating Jocelyn

We spent two nights celebrating you, one on your actual birthday and again on Saturday evening with a couple friends. This year you asked for clothes for your birthday (everything you picked was mostly black + white 😂). Makes you seem so big!! You also requested Panda Express for dinner and want to watch “Harry Potter 3” 😂🤷🏼‍♀️😍 You are my girl! And I went to Daiso and bought all the panda stuff they had. Lol




We did a simple cheesecake and it was so good! And your littles may have blown out your candle before you even had a chance (video on Facebook). It was pretty funny and you took it pretty well (only a few tears) and you got to do it over again.




Then, we celebrated again on Saturday evening with a couple friends and a bunch of pandas 🖤🐼 We did manicures, watched the new Trolls Holiday movie, and ate all the popcorn and ice cream sundays!!







You are so loved Jocelyn and we are so proud of the wonderful young lady you are  becoming!!

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