Week Forty {365 Project} | 2017


Cherish the weekends we get together! And love that our priorities are always the same when we hang out: good food and silly photos! Until next time!



Love hearing you read and seeing the confidence you’ve gained so far this year!!



We have a bit of time to spare after we drop Jonah off and before you start school. Today, we hung in the car…you loved pushing every single button you could get your hands on and looking out your window



We had to make a stop to see these pumpkins and touch all of them before grocery shopping this morning. She is my daughter





Today didn’t go as planned. This poor girl some how caught hand, foot, mouth 😭 We haven’t had this in our family before, so I may have freaked out a bit. Luckily it doesn’t look too bad and she is acting her normal self. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse.



I’m sure glad you had a day off of school today! I’ve been missing you so much. I pretty much feel like you are in kindergarten already. It was hard keeping your sister (+ her sickness) away from you, but you did get some alone time in your room to work on your letters.



My kids don’t even bat an eye when I pull over at a random field and make them get out and be my model. We stumbled upon a little gem of a spot last night


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