Family Vacation | New Braunfels

Tuesday, after breakfast, we packed up and headed about 30 minutes north of San Antonio to New Braunfels. It is the cutest little German town. We did a little driving around to see what we wanted to do because we couldn’t check into our hotel until later. We really wanted to float the river, but Julianna was too small and wouldn’t have lasted very long hanging in a tube. Justin and I really want to com back to do this minus kiddos.



We stumbled upon a natural spring in Landa Park and it was so pretty. We ate the lunch I packed before they swam at a nearby pavilion.  All of the kids could touch the bottom of the pool and it was pretty cold at first, but felt great after a bit.






Searching for fish or tadpoles



They probably swam for an hour and then we walked around a bit and found a place to rent a paddle boat. We all fit on one boat and after about 15 minutes, Justin and I were so exhausted from paddling up river, so we headed back in. Lol. It was quite comical and I wish I would have been able to take some photos. We also found this tree called Founder’s Oak. I guess the founders of New Braunfels held their first council meeting under the tree in 1845. And according to some core samples that were taken, the tree sprouted in 1700.


I absolutely love reading about the history of a town!



We were finally able to check into our hotel around 4pm. I am so glad Justin found this place. We only stay at Marriotts, because Justin has tons of points.  This hotel had the most beautiful back yard area ever. There was direct access to the river with a little beach. Since we were there on a Tuesday afternoon, we had it all to ourselves.







They played for a good while and then we headed up to the room to get cleaned up for dinner…but first corn hole.



We searched for a German restaurant and the first placed we tried was full, so I quickly found Krause’s and I am so glad I did! Justin had a German beer and we ordered a couple big pretzels for our appetizer. The food was all so good!




Justin wanted to try to play horseshoes with the kids when we got back to the hotel, but I think everyone was tired and cranky at that point, so it didn’t last long.





This was the view from our room ❤


We headed home the next morning after lounging around the room until checkout. This trip was so good for all of us. We loved being able to get some good quality time with Justin before school starts next month!  I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone.

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