River Legacy Park and Science Center {Arlington}

The big kiddos have been going to golf camp up in the Arlington area this week, and it is a 30 minute drive from our house, so I’ve been trying to find things for us to do up there instead of driving back home. I remembered that we tried a park out last year when we were here looking at houses, so I took the kids over there today. We call it the Tree House Park, and Jonah vaguely remembered it. They of course thought it was the coolest playground and want to come back tomorrow. The big playground says for ages 5-12, but Julianna and Jonah both did great on it, I just had to watch Julianna carefully in a few areas.




And they had a smaller play set next to it for ages 2-5. She has be come such a good climber!



We also didn’t realize this last time, but we found out they have a cute little science center that is free to the public! They are doing some remodels and we can’t wait to come back. This was a great cool down after getting really hot at the park.  They also have some fun camps and kids programs throughout the year!






We didn’t even go on any of the walking trails because it was way to hot, but I know we will be back to do some more exploring of this 1,300 acre park!