A Summer of Books {Toddler Girl Edition}

Here is my next edition of Summer of Books. Today, I am going to share some of the ones on Julianna’s TO READ list and a few of her favorites! She loves being read to and we usually go through the same rotation of books each day. She has had the first book on our list for a while now: The Wonderful Things You Will Be, and I would say it is a favorite for sure! The illustrations are darling and she loves picking out which person she wants to be like on the fold out page. She also is currently obsessed with anything Llama Llama ❤



I recently got her the Love is a Tutu and Miss Lina’s Ballerinas because she will be starting a dance/ tumble class this summer. Girl loves to dance and we have been working on some things at home. She has got her toe pointing and flexing down and it’s so cute hearing her saying it along with me.


Here is our summer list below. We will also be working more on some things to get ready for preschool this Fall, so I chose some primer books! I chose a shape, color, flower, and French primer (just in case we still end up moving to Montreal).

Julianna Books1 .The Wonderful Things You Will Be | 2. Love Is a Tutu | 3. Paris: A Book of Shapes

4. Miss Lina’s Ballerinas | 5. Tallulah’s Tutu

6. Alice in Wonderland | 7. The Secret Garden | 8. All Aboard! Paris: A French Primer

Also wanted to share a fun thing a sweet friend told me about years ago. Every morning, she did a blanket time with her girls. Everyone got their own blanket and a stack of books and they couldn’t leave the blanket until the time was up (shorter time for the littles). This also gave her a little bit of time to get some uninterrupted reading in as well. Her girls loved this and we ended up doing it when Jocelyn and Jackson were younger for a bit. So, this summer, we are going to bring it back and I cannot wait!! I did a trial run with Julianna and Jonah today, and they did great. I’ve found in the past, the more consistent we were with it, the longer they were able to sit and the learn what is expected, especially for the littler kiddos!

I have one more post planned to share my favorite boy books coming soon ❤

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