Little Logan Farmhouse (Part One)

I’ve been getting so many questions over on Instagram about the playhouse I’ve been working on for the kids, so I wanted to hop on here and share a little more about it.  All the sources will be linked at the bottom if that is all you are needing! Justin assembled the whole house in about an hour in our room and then we took it outside. You could leave the roof off to paint the bottom half first, but it wasn’t too bad with it on. I would suggest if you want to add hinges to the door like I did, to leave it off. I ended up pulling it off later. I also ended up prying the windows off so I could spray paint them and then I stapled them back in.


I picked up some Behr Ultra Pure White Exterior paint at Home Depot. I wanted to get as smooth of a finish as I could. I brushed the paint on pretty thick with a nice paint brush and then used a High Density foam roller (4×11 inch) to roll it out and give it the look I was going for. I let Jonah paint some too with a foam brush and then I just rolled over it.



I did end up using some flat white spray paint to fill in some hard to reach spots and that seemed to help!


It took me a couple days to finish painting it. I probably did around 3 coats. I then added the flower pot holders. I think I went a little spray paint crazy. Lol. Everything gold was spray painted: the windows, door knob, sink and faucet, and flower pots! The playhouse kit also included a little phone and cook range, but I decided not to use them so the kids had more space. And the flower pots weren’t included, but I found some 4″ ones at Home Depot. The little fake plants I used were picked up from At Home. We took off the burlap that wrapped around them and trimmed the bottom a bit so they fit in the flower pots.




I pried the door off and touched up the parts where it wasn’t painted and then added some 2″ tee hinges (which I spray painted as well). I felt like they added a little bit more character.



This is where I am currently at and I plan to do a few more things to the exterior and decorate and add some shelves to the interior, but decided to go ahead and share before I finish. I will do another post with everything else later <3.

Playhouse: Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse

Exterior Paint: Behr Ultra Pure White Exterior Paint in Satin ( I bought a gallon and used about half). I used the same paint for the door, but I bought a quart and didn’t use much. The color I used for the door is Juniper Breeze (N420-1) .

Gold Spray Paint

Flower pots

2″ Tee hinges


Fake sage and parsley plants

Part two coming as soon as I finish up 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Little Logan Farmhouse (Part One)

  1. Tiff Classen says:

    So adorable!! I love it. Great work and I can’t wait to see what other little touches you put in it!

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