A Surprise 1/2 Birthday

Jackson has such a sweet teacher this year and I have the honor of being the room mom. I love being the room mom when my kiddos are in Kinder. They still want me up at school and they are pretty easily pleased. Since her birthday is in the summer, I knew we needed to do something to let her know how special she is and how much we appreciate all she does for our babies! Seriously, Jackson is pretty obsessed with her and gives her tons of hugs daily! I emailed all the parents and had them get me their gifts and then my friend, Jessica, and I set everything up. Her daughter happens to be Jackson’s other favorite person in the class. 😂 We snuck up there during recess and set everything up. Pretty sure she knew something was up, but this was so much fun and I know she loved it!



While the kids ate the snack, I read this fun book to them. I tried to find one about a surprise party and this was pretty cute! I also made this sign for her house she is fixing up and we had all the kiddos sign the back of it.


We also did an edible arrangement basket because she likes healthy snacks.


And then a basket full of some of her favorite things.







Every time it is a child’s birthday, she makes them King or Queen of the day and they get a special book all about them written by the other kids in the class. So we had to have the kids make one just for her!




Such a fun and cute party! Happy 1/2 birthday Miss Gibbs!

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