Fruit of the Spirit {Free Lock Screen}

This week we started going through the Fruits of the Spirit in my 5 am prayer group, #thefives. We were asked to read Galatians 5:22-23 and list out the fruits of the Spirit. Then, make note of which ones we are lacking in and ask God to supply us with more of that fruit! I can definitely tell you I probably need more of ALL of these, but what I probably need the most right now is patience when it comes to my kids and self-control when it comes to shopping or spending time on my phone. I am praying for God to fill me with these fruits today and remind me of them constantly. I remembered the old Galatians print I made about six years ago (hello Holy Spirit) and instantly thought I should make an updated one to have as a lock screen for my phone.  Then when I go to turn my phone on, I will have that reminder looking at me in the face! Lol. So I did it and wanted to share with you!

Feel free to download and use as your lock screen. This is compatible with the iPhone6, but you can try to use for other phones too! It did work with my iPad too 🙂

Click on the photo to take you to Dropbox where you can download. For personal use only! Please do not copy, sell, or alter in anyway. Thank you!