Week Three {365 project} | 2017


I love when I catch you here. You are usually drawing Batman or some type of car, but you always put so much detail and thought into what you create! I wish I could keep every piece of art you and your siblings make, but we’d be living in a pile of papers


Legos always bring you two together, but that tends to happen whether legos are involved or not



Today I started my fifth session of #thefives. I can’t even explain the goodness I receive from the Lord at 5 AM. I was thinking today, that for me, getting up this early is a lot like getting me to work out, hard to motivate me, sometimes I want to quit in the middle of it, but once I am done, I long for more! And the more accountability I have, the easier it is to accomplish.


I want to remember today as the day you had your first opinion on what you wanted to wear. You pointed up to this dress and were so excited to put it on.



You decided you wanted to wear the same dress today as you did yesterday (mommy forgot to put it in the hamper), but then I gave you two other choices and you picked this. I know it won’t always be this sweet (your sister is 8 😒), so I’m trying to soak up every moment!


My favorite kind of baby buns 😂


You thought it would be fun to make your sister chase the jump rope until she cried, but then this happened ❤️ I know you will always be there to protect her and make sure you are the only one who makes her cry 😂


Today you realized you could read some of the words on the cereal box and you were so excited to show me!


You just have to go and be all cute and Mommy can’t stop taking your photo


Just when I think I’m done taking photos for the day, you go and get out the skateboard…skater chic today



We spent the morning chasing the light around the house! So thankful the sun is finally shining in TX!




You found a mirror and thought it was the funniest thing to shine the sun in your sister’s eyes.


You two make quite the pair. I love how you both love to dress like twins and how much mischief you can make together. I came back in to find your bath water completely blue and bath paint everywhere…first I snapped a photo and then you both helped me scrub it off the grout!



You and I got to pick up some of our favorite people today from the airport and you had so much fun running around with your little sign 😍




You also got to meet a 3 month old kitty and became instant friends






You had to make sure Nana saw your sign


I caught you two having a little girl time for a minute out on the balcony. It didn’t last long, but I love seeing your sisterly bond grow stronger every day. I always wished I had a sister, but now I see God gave them to me in many different forms, you two being one, and I love it so much!


We are having so much fun with Nana and Papa

I don’t want to forget how much you love eating the”good” ice at Rosa’s.


And how you have the best big sister who gladly gave up the rest of her soft taco just so you could feel like a big girl.


And how this is becoming a new tradition here in Texas, to eat these delicious tortillas with honey after our meal and making sure we stop to watch them make the tortillas before we leave.



So I’ve completed three weeks of these daily photos now, and it turns out that a lot of days, it is more than one photo that gets taken, and I am okay with that. I can’t dare throw out any of these precious memories. I am just enjoying documenting our days together because I have seen how fast you grow! Until next week…

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