Week One {365 Project} |2017

I’m attempting to do a 365 this year with my big camera and Jocelyn is going to join me. We will be giving ourselves lots of grace if we miss a day, but excited to see us both grow and have lots of photos of our family this year! I may end up with more than one photo a day because I have a hard time picking just one sometimes!

01/ 365

Today we hung out around the house after my family left to head back to Atlanta. I took down some Christmas decor and Jackson spent most of the day perfecting his drone flying skills.




Today was the last day at home before she heads back to school. She has been working on making something for her friend. I worry I won’t get many images of her and her brother since they are at school all day, so I made sure they were my first two photos.


This is her favorite spot to watch the iPad



Today was all about getting back into our daily flow…

I wanted to capture this shot because I make and pack lots of lunches for my people. Most days, I really don’t want to wake up to do this, but I know how loved it makes them feel that they get their favorite lunch everyday.


She is my night owl and loves to sleep in, same as me! We both weren’t very excited to get up early today. Loved her little face in this image.


Every time we go to the gym the littles have to run under the bike rack a few times. It brings them so much joy!



These days are fleeting. I mean, I blinked and my kids are 8, 6, 4, and 2! I love the times my little and I get to go to the store, just us two…and she always gets a cookie. She will be starting school next year, so trying to soak up (and capture) every moment I can!





Today we spent a lot of the morning on the go, but we got to stop at home to play briefly before we headed out again. So thankful this fourth child is so go with the flow!


And we got to stop at her school to have lunch with her. She earned a special lunch today where they get to eat outside with their family, but it was too cold!



Just a little bit thankful we don’t have to move to Montreal right now… this 23 degree Texas day has really cold. He said, “This air is hurting my face, Momma!” So then we ran inside.


When she woke up from nap, it was snowing!


Because if it snows in TX, you catch snowflakes on your tongue after school. And we are still cold.





It was a good day for hot cocoa and their daddy makes the best!!




Five Guys for dinner


And shopping and dip n dots at the mall after. They were being mannequins!


So week one is done and only 51 more weeks to go!😂  I actually ended up documenting more of our day than I thought I would, so I had to share all of my favorites. I need to load Jocelyn’s photos to my computer still, but she did a great job getting a shot everyday. I think we are going to change her project to a photo a week. She will still take as many as she wants, but we will pick our favorite one and share. Easier on me and she is still learning. I don’t want to burn her out.

Which of my photos was your favorite this week?