Jocelyn’s Baptism

So I put some stuff, like this blog, on the back burner a year ago while we were trying to figure out where and what our lives would look like this year. I am finally try to catch up on all of this slowly but surely. 2016 has been a crazy year for us, but one of the most awesome things that happened was Jocelyn being baptized.  I can clearly remember her coming out from her room one evening long after I had tucked her in and telling me that she really felt she was suppose to get baptized. We hadn’t been talking about it recently or anything and I truly felt God was tugging at her heart.  We scheduled a meeting with Ms Shonda to discuss all of her questions. The day of her baptism wasn’t perfect (they forgot to turn the heat on in the baptismal), but this girl was so brave. She stood in front of the entire church and confessed her faith and then got into a REALLY COLD baptismal with her daddy to be obedient to what the Lord was calling her to do. She still tells us to this day that she didn’t care that it was cold, because she loved Jesus more. We were so thankful a lot of her little friends were able to attend and watch her accept the Lord into her life. I love her heart for others and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for her life!


Jocelyn’s Baptism on 1/24/2016