Birthday Boys

This year we decided to go low key for the boy’s birthdays. Since we just moved, we decided not to do a big party. Instead, we took them down to Waco for the Baylor Homecoming parade and football game, which happened to be against The Jayhawks (Rock Chalk)! The Jayhawks got mauled, but we had such a fun time!

Before we went, Friday evening we celebrated with just our family and they got to have cupcakes and open presents.


Jackson is currently obsessed with Batman


And for Jonah it is all about Paw Patrol, specifically Marshall, the fire dog.




Singing to each other 😂


Saturday, we left super early that morning so we could  make it to the 8 AM parade. The kids loved it and it was so fun to be able to meet up with family.



Before lunch, we made a quick trip over to the Silos to see all the pretty pumpkins and check out Seed + Supply, which I hadn’t gotten to go into yet.











Apparently I stopped taking photos with my big camera at this point, but we had a fun lunch where Jonah ate almost a whole (huge) piece of chocolate birthday cake. The game was a blast too, even though we lost. Julianna loved cheering…even if it was for the wrong team. I may have walked right by Chip Gaines and his girls at the stadium when leaving the restroom…my phone was dead or I would have made them to take a photo with us  ;). The kids got to go see Baby J and the cheerleaders and give them a million high fives, which they continue to talk about. Before we left for home, we did dinner with everyone at Baris and it was amazing Italian food. IF you are ever in Waco, that is a place you must try! Overall, it was a long, jam packed day, but so many good memories.

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