Beach Camping

My husband loves to hike and camp.  He is always planning and dreaming up lots of hikes he wants to try out. He was looking for somewhere for all of us to go over Labor Day weekend and he found that we could camp out at Crystal Beach, close to Galveston.  I wasn’t extremely excited, but I love my man and his adventures always make for awesome memories for our family! Well, we definitely had a lot of funny memories…to name a few….getting eaten by mosquitos the minute we started setting up our tents, Jonah throwing sand on our pizza, the wind blowing sand on our pizza, almost caving in the second night and going to a hotel, deciding to stick it out and then sleeping through a sand storm, no bathrooms anywhere close, showering outside with a camp shower and trying to stay clean in the sand, pretty much sand everywhere, and I think I am repressing the rest of the stuff that happened.😂


There was one thing though that was absolutely amazing about camping on the beach and that was the sunrise we got to witness the first morning we were there. The kids were up early and immediately headed for the water while Justin made breakfast.  And it was so beautiful and I could just feel God’s presence. I’m so glad I decided to bring along my big camera and these photos made this whole thing kind of worth it!



Justin and I concluded this was one of those been there, done that kind of experiences and next time we go to the beach we will get a cute beach house <3.