New adventure

Oh this year has been a whirlwind so far.  We found out last January that Justin would actually be working in Dallas for a bit before we moved to Montreal. He traveled every week & lived the hotel life and came home to us on the weekends.  We still planned to be in Montreal this past Summer, but found out sometime in April, that he would be needed in Dallas longer.  So a couple weeks ago, we moved the whole family down to a Dallas suburb. Our moving date was set for our 9th anniversary. The movers got everything packed and we started driving that evening around 9:30. I was so thankful we had a good friend who lives in OKC that let us stay at her place that night (who was actually in Derby at the time), because I started to feel really nauseous during the drive, and Jonah and I both ended up getting sick. We made it to Dallas the next day after some much needed rest! My mom got to come visit for almost two weeks and we have the rental house pretty much all set up and the kiddos are spending a week with Justin’s parents so I can finish up everything else and relax a little bit. We tentatively have a date set for Montreal for next summer, but I have learned not to make any definite plans until we are actually there…lol! So for now we are Texans.


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