You make my heart POP!

I drew up this cute little design and decided I wanted to use for the kids Valentines because they all love gum and ask for a piece like 100 times a day!


For Jocelyn, we did bubble tape. I printed these out at home on a full sheet of sticker paper and then used a 2″ round punch to cut them out.  My printer isn’t the best, but it’ll do. I made her stickers for the back as well, but if you wanted you could just put blank white circle and have them write their name.

For the boys, we did a 4×6 and folded it in half. I bought clear bags from Walmart and cut them down a bit, filled them with gum, and taped to the inside and then on the sides. The pdf I made includes two on one sheet, and you can have your child write their name on the back with a chalk marker. If you have photoshop, you could add a photo or their name to the back.


Valentines-4 copy

Click the photos below to download & print as many as you need! For personal use only…Please do not copy, alter, or sell.

Heart Pop Circles


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