Fourth Fun at the Farm

We love spending the Fourth of July out at Grannie and Pawpaw’s house. The kids always have way too much fun out there. They played outside on the tractors, and truck bed sandbox, did the slip and slide,  and everyone played shadow golf and we ate homemade ice cream and snowcones. I dint get any photos of fireworks because we didn’t stay to watch very many…the kids were so tired!

Fourth-4 copyFourth-5 copyFourth-3 copyFourth-8 copyFourth-14 copyFourth-17 copyFourth-21 copyFourth-25 copyFourth-27 copyFourth-28 copyFourth-29 copyFourth-31 copyFourth-34 copyFourth-44 copyFourth-53 copyFourth-57 copyFourth-58 copyFourth-61 copyFourth-62 copyFourth-63 copyFourth-74 copyFourth-76 copyFourth-78 copyFourth-80 copyFourth-81 copyFourth-85 copyFourth-86 copy

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