Julianna: 6 month photos & stats

Julianna is already half a year old! She is sitting up pretty well now, rolling all over and still has no teeth. She had her first taste of food, which was a Cheeto thanks to Jonah, but we quickly moved on to oatmeal cereal, which she loved! Here are her 6 month stats:

Weight: 15 pounds, 4 ounces 30%)

Height: 24.5 inches (2%)

Head circumference: 42.6 cm (59%)

Some photos I took…she makes some pretty amazing faces!

ele-3 copyele-1 copyele-2 copyJulianna-2 copyJulianna-6 copy

Nana sent some presents for Julianna and me. I have been eyeing this diaper bag for a long time and it is the cutest! I think Julianna could fit in it as well! Holds so much stuff and even room for all the other things I need for the big kids too! Check out Bella Tunno.

BT-1 copy

Julianna’s nickname is Droolianna, so this adorable bib, also from Bella Tunno, is a must!

BT-15 copy

It was Jocelyn’s last day of school, so we waited outside for her to come home. She decided to read Julianna the Kindergarten book she made.

Kids-13 copyKids-14 copy