Did you hear? He is risen!!

Easter hasn’t always been my favorite holiday. Up until I got married it had been Halloween, but as my relationship with Christ grew, how could I not love fall in love with Easter and everything it stands for!  Jesus gave up everything for our sins, not because we deserved or earned it, but because He loves us so much!


We headed to Coffeyville to spend Easter with Justin’s family. I love being out at Grannie and Paw Paw’s house and the kids have so much fun! Grannie had all sorts of fun activities planned for them to do. I kinda went picture crazy…

Easter1-8 copy

She got them a fun game to play that was similar to the barrel of monkeys, except they were bunnies in eggs.

Easter1-9 copy

Easter1-11 copy Easter1-10 copy Easter1-12 copy Easter1-14 copy Easter1-19 copy

And we died Easter eggs

Easter1-1 copy

Easter1-22 copy Easter1-24 copy Easter1-25 copy

Easter1-27 copy Easter1-29 copy Easter1-30 copy Easter1-31 copy Easter1-32 copy Easter1-34 copy Easter1-37 copy Easter1-38 copy Easter1-39 copy

Jackson wanted his egg colors to be in twos

Easter1-42 copy

Jonah cracked me up, he tried drinking the egg dye and he also dyed his hand green.

Easter1-41 copy

Easter1-44 copy

Another favorite is riding the chuck wagon all over their land…I think the big boys had a lot more fun once all the kiddos got off.

Easter1-45 copy

Grannie also had some fun stuff for the kids to paint.

Easter1-46 copy Easter1-47 copy Easter1-48 copy Easter1-49 copy

Playing some shadow golf

Easter1-50 copy Easter1-51 copy Easter1-52 copy Easter1-53 copy Easter1-55 copy

I love daffodils and what they symbolize: rebirth and new beginnings

Easter1-59 copy

Easter morning we enjoyed an egg hunt, breakfast, and sermon at church

Easter2-1 copy Easter2-2 copy Easter2-3 copy Easter2-4 copy Easter2-6 copy

And then we headed back out to Grannie and Paw Paws for another hunt and lunch.

Easter2-7 copy  Easter2-11 copy Easter2-14 copy Easter2-16 copy Easter2-19 copy Easter2-17 copy Easter2-20 copy Easter2-23 copy Easter2-22 copy Easter2-24 copy Easter2-25 copy Easter2-26 copy Easter2-27 copy Easter2-28 copy Easter2-29 copy

and after lunch Mammaw and the kids made resurrection rolls

Easter2-31 copy Easter2-34 copy Easter2-35 copy

Easter2-38 copy Easter2-32 copy Easter2-36 copy Easter2-37 copy Easter2-39 copy Easter2-41 copy Easter2-42 copy

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6