Jocelyn’s 6th Birthday Party

This year, Jocelyn’s party was super fun. Luckily, we planned ahead to go ice skating and what a good place for a Frozen party! I think we’ve been to at least 13 Frozen parties already this year, so whats one more 😉 My wonderful mother was here to help with all the decorations and making the cake pops! Here are some pictures from Jocelyn’s special day!

Jocelyn 6-6 copy  Jocelyn 6-2 copy

Jocelyn 6-7 copy

Jocelyn 6-10 copy

Jocelyn 6-14 copy

Jocelyn 6-17 copyJocelyn 6-23 copy

Jocelyn 6-47 copy Jocelyn 6-38 copy

Justin had taken her ice skating a few times before and she is actually pretty good on the ice…she was a pro by the time we headed home 🙂

Jocelyn 6-36 copy

Jocelyn 6-48 copy Jocelyn 6-45 copy Jocelyn 6-42 copy Jocelyn 6-35 copy

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