Julianna’s birth story

Just wanted to write down her story to help me remember…it was such a good day. I am super sad this is my last baby.  I’m sure her first year will be filled with LOTS of photos!

Before we left for the hospital…last time being pregnant 😦

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Justin and I headed to the hospital early and arrived about 4:30 AM.  Justin’s mom came the night before so she could be with the kiddos.  We headed back to our room around 5 and got all ready for baby.

Julianna-1 copy Julianna-2 copy

Around 6:30 I was wheeled back to the OR to get my spinal tap. I was pretty nervous…this was my first non emergency C-section. Everything went great though and Julianna arrived at 7:15 AM.  She was perfectly healthy and such pretty little thing.

Julianna-5 copy Julianna-7 copy    Julianna-8 copy

Around 8, we all headed back to our room and Julianna and I got to have some skin time and try nursing. She was a pro!! My friend Sara came up to grab some photos for me. So thankful for her generosity. Love you Sara Mac!

Julianna-1 copy Julianna-8 copy Julianna-9 copy Julianna-10 copy

Julianna-12 copy Julianna-14 copy Julianna-18 copy Julianna-27 copy Julianna-29 copy Julianna-31 copy

Julianna-33 copy Julianna-34 copy Julianna-35 copy Julianna-40 copy Julianna-42 copy

Julianna had a hard time staying warm, so they checked her blood sugar and it was a little low…eventually she warmed up and we got to head upstairs to our new room!  Amanda and Jayme came up to visit.  They both just had babies three months ago, so they brought Julianna’s buddies.  Amanda also got some pictures for me!

IMG_9028 IMG_9038



IMG_9249-2 IMG_9283

Friends forever!

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 presetIMG_9305-2

Mammaw brought all the other kids up to meet their sister. They were all so happy to finally see her and I sure missed them!

IMG_9138-2    IMG_9160 IMG_9184-2 IMG_9197 IMG_9208

We threw Julianna a little party to celebrate her birthday! We have done this with each of the kids…so fun!

IMG_9224 IMG_9236

I also put together some bags for the bigs so they had something to do when they came up to visit us.



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Such an awesome day!  I have a few more photos from our hospital stay I will share in another post.

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