Entz apple orchard

At the beginning of this month, we headed out to Newton to do some apple picking…I wanted to get some updated pictures of the boys for their birthdays (which I already shared some) and pick some yummy apples, since that is what I have been craving the most of this pregnancy!  We got a beautiful evening and had so much fun running around the rows of the orchard!

apple-6 copy apple-2 copy apple-12 copy apple-18 copy apple-19 copy

apple-32 copy apple-33 copy apple-34 copy apple-35 copy apple-38 copy apple-40 copy apple-42 copy

This outtake was too funny! We had apples stuck in our teeth!

apple-46 copy apple-50 copy apple-56 copy apple-57 copy apple-58 copy

She found her own “apple tree” and tried picking apples from it.

apple-59 copy apple-60 copy

Lots of the apples were up high, so they had these handy apple pickers to use…the kids mostly picked up stuff from the ground and ran around eating those. apple-61 copy apple-62 copy apple-63 copy

We left with a huge bag of apples and only spent $6 and the apples lasted us weeks!!  It was so worth the trip up there and a really fun outing for the family!

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