Fourth of July

We usually head down to Coffeyville to celebrate the fourth with Justin’s family.  We enjoy good food, homemade ice cream, fireworks, games, shooting guns, the kids get filthy, and just being with family.

Fourth-2 copy Fourth-5 copy Fourth-6 copy Fourth-7 copy Fourth-8 copy Fourth-10 copyFourth-4 copyFourth-5 copyFourth-7 copyFourth-8 copyFourth-11 copyFourth-15 copyFourth-17 copyFourth-21 copyFourth-24 copyFourth-27 copyFourth-33 copyFourth-35 copyFourth-36 copyFourth-39 copyFourth-41 copyFourth-42 copyFourth-44 copyFourth-45 copyFourth-46 copyFourth-65 copyFourth-66 copyLive.Laugh.Love.square copy

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