Disney {day two}

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, and headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  We of course had some custom shirts for Animal Kingdom as well 🙂

              day 2-4 copy   day 2-6 copy

day 2-1 copyday 2-7 copyday 2-9 copy

We started off with meeting some characters…

day 2-10 copyday 2-13 copy

and then made our way to the animals.

day 2-14 copyday 2-18 copy

I think everyone loved the safari ride!day 2-21 copyday 2-25 copy

We ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe and that was a huge hit for the kids.

day 2-27 copyWhen Jonah and Jackson napped in the stroller (and I rested), everyone else went on a bunch of rides.  Once the boys woke up, I took them on the Triceratop spin and then to The Boneyard, where they could dig.

day 2-28 copyday 2-56 copy day 2-43 copy day 2-41 copy day 2-44 copy day 2-51 copy day 2-30 copy day 2-35 copy

We were all pretty hot  after that, so we headed back to the hotel for dinner and swimming.day 2-58 copyday 2-65 copy

Overall, we had so much fun! Two days was definitely enough time for our family to spend at Disney. I hope we can take them back again in about six years when everyone is bigger.