Disney {day one}

I am finally getting around to sharing photos from our trip to Disney this summer (going to back date)…We drove down from ATL to Orlando on a Wednesday afternoon.  After we checked into our hotel, we enjoyed some time at the pool and took a boat ride to Downtown Disney for Dinner. We stayed at Old Key West for three nights and it was super nice.

day 1-3 copy

 Thursday we got up and ready. I had my friend embroider these adorable shirts for the kids.

              day 1-1 copy   day 1-2 copy

day 1-4 copy

We took the complimentary shuttle to The Magic Kingdom and that is where we spent the first day. The kids really enjoyed seeing all the characters and getting their autograph books I made them signed. We had a fast pass to meet Mickey and it was definitely worth it. He actually spoke and having their names on their shirts helped all the characters know ho they were. The kids thought that was pretty neat all the characters knew them already! 

day 1-14 copy day 1-10 copy

The teacups were fun because everyone could ride on them!

day 1-22 copy

day 1-21 copyday 1-19 copy

Buzz Lightyear and his ride were a big hit…this was another thing we got a fast pass forday 1-23 copyday 1-25 copy For lunch, we had reservations to eat at the Crystal Palace. It is located near the front of the park.  It was buffet style eating and kind of pricey, but that was to be expected. The air conditioning and ice water alone made it worth it.  Also my brother probably ate enough for everyone 😉  We also got to see Winnie the Pooh and all his friends. They made it around to every table. It was nice to not have to wait in line.

day 1-26 copyday 1-31 copyday 1-35 copyday 1-38 copy Another fast pass that was a must for Jcoelyn, was getting to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel.  Jackson really enjoyed himself too 😉

day 1-41 copyday 1-40 copy

 I think Jackson enjoyed meeting Merida the most. He loves the movie Brave and she even gave him a kiss. He was pretty proud!

day 1-43 copy

day 1-42 copy

day 1-45 copy day 1-46 copy

We all tried to pull the sword out of the stone, but no luck!

day 1-52 copy day 1-54 copy day 1-56 copy

Ha, I love Justin’s face!

day 1-57 copy day 1-59 copy

 We had an awesome first day and the kids loved it! 

**Another good tip I got before we went, was to rent a stroller instead of worrying about bringing one. I got a double stroller from Kingdom Strollers. It was so nice and Jonah even took his naps in there. They even dropped it off and picked it up from our hotel for us. Day two pictures coming soon!

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