Jocelyn’s Room Makeover

Last year for Christmas, we decided for the kids’ big gift they would all be getting room makeovers. Well I am so excited to say we are finally finished with Jocelyn’s room.  She is very excited as well.  We are currently finishing a bigger room in the basement for the boys and then I will start decorating theirs. I already have lots of ideas for that!  I am proud to present Jocelyn’s new room!

Here are a couple a before shots when we first moved into this house 3.5 years ago…

You can see more here:  Jocelyn’s Room

And here is the finished product. I will try to include where I got everything from below the photos.

The dresser above belonged to Justin’s great grandma I believe. We refinished it a while back. See more here: Jocelyn’s Dresser
The bird house and fake flowers are from Hobby Lobby. I painted the bird house.
I got an empty frame from Hobby Lobby and Justin’s stapled in the chicken wire and I hung some of her favorite photos on it as well as this beautiful caligraphy print from Ffion McKeown
Nana sent my old Kirsten doll to Jocelyn for Valentine’s Day and they have been the best of friends ever since. We are currently reading through the book series and she is loving it. The adorable, white ruffled pillow is made by my friend Tiffany. She sells at The Cottage with me.
This beautiful piece came from my great grandmother’s house and I painted it with Miss Mustard Seed’s ironstone milk paint and left the old hardware on there. She loves to use the little drawer to store all of her treasures. The lamp is from Walmart, little blue bird is from Target, and the frame is from Hobby Lobby.  
Besides the Kirsten books, these are books we love to read. Well not Jesus Calling yet, but I just had to have that for her when she gets a bit older.
I love the way milk paint chips away in some spots. So pretty!
I grabbed this cute wall plate cover from Hobby Lobby. It was a big pain to put in since it set so far out. We had to buy longer screws and spray paint them white. 

This beautiful piece was painted by my friend Abbe, the owner of The Cottage Collective.  She used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Kitchen Scale. If you hop on over to the MMSMP blog, you may see a familiar face on the sidebar 😉 We love this toy box to throw everything in at the end of the day.  I will be adding another white ruffly pillow on here as soon as Tiffany is done making it for me.
I knew I wanted a little gallery wall for her and it fit perfectly above the toy box. I found the framed letter J a few years back at Hobby Lobby. All the frames are from there as well. The print on the right is by Lindsay Letters and I did the one on the left. And of course a photo of her and Daddy.
I got this shelf from a friend who no longer wanted it and we decided to display her gymnastics ribbons and trophy on it.
This adorable stool was another find from a friend. It was pretty dirty and gross when I got it, so I gave it a couple coats of milk paint. This color is Eulalie’s Sky.
And finally, Jocelyn and my favorite thing about her room…her light up canopy. We love to read stories every night under this. I make her turn it off when she is sleeping though, but it is so fun. I bought a giant embroidery hoop from Hobby Lobby and painted it with Kitchen Scale milk paint to match her toy box. I then threaded on these sheer curtains I picked up from Target for $10 a piece around the outer hoop. I think I ended up using three. We tied ribbon to the inner hoop and then put back together. I wrapped the lights all around the top and let hang down the sides.  I sewed a few stitches around them into the curtain to help keep them in place. And there you have it!! Oh and here was our original plan and what they received for Christmas showing what we were going to do.
We had her pick out a few things, like the pink color of paint she wanted and the curtains she liked.  You probably can’t tell too much from the photos, but she chose the white ruffly curtains. I really wanted these black out ones from Pottery Barn, but they were way too expensive for our budget.  We decided on some cheap, sheer ones from Brylane Home and I think they will work for now. I may decide to sew a black out panel on the back eventually.
Paint Colors:
Grey- SW Light French Grey
Pink – SW Oleander

I think it turned out pretty cute and similar to what I had planned.  Justin did make her an under the bed toy box like pictured above and we gave it to her on Christmas. He still has to make one more. That girl has too much stuff!