We have had a busy year so far and I have so many fun pictures to share.  We had a couple Valentine’s parties and I did a bunch of Valentine Mini Sessions for my photography business. Jocelyn had a photo shoot with her best friend, Aubri, and we’ve gone to the park. We also found out a new friend’s husband (they moved to town at the end of last year) has a gold medal, and I got to photograph Aubri bringing him for show and tell.  Justin had his 30th birthday and Jackson, Jonah, and I attended a Date night at Chick Fil A.  Jackson also started gymnastics and we’ve been to the Zoo a couple times already.  We’ve enjoyed mornings at home (Jocelyn starts Kindergarten in the Fall, so I am really enjoying not having to wake up super early yet).  And for Christmas, the kid’s got room makeovers. We finally finished up Jocelyn’s room. She is loving it!  That is going to be a lot of posts and hopefully I can get all the pictures up soon!  I wanted to share some pictures below of a few other random shots I’ve gotten throughout the year.

I have started taking a calligraphy class and I love it. I still have a long way to go, but it is very relaxing.

We have had lots of snow this year (compared to the last few years) and the kids have been loving it
We’ve also spent lots of nice days out on the trampoline
And of course I have had photoshoots of the kids


Lots of posts coming soon!

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