Valentine Breakfast

I love decorating the house for a fun Valentine’s breakfast. This is either our second or third year doing this.  Justin and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but over breakfast, I wanted to take the time out and share with the kids all about God’s love for us and that is reason for us celebrating this holiday.  We also exchange Valentines and other little goodies to show each other love.  I don’t want it to always be about them getting stuff though, so we do share other ways we can show our love to others.  I hope in the future when everyone is a bit older, we can implement some of  those ideas!

L-1 copy
L-3 copy

L-5 copy  L-9 copy L-10 copy

L-12 copy

L-13 copy   L-14 copy

L-16 copy

L-21 copy

L-22 copy

L-27 copy

L-29 copy

L-33 copy

L-34 copy

L-35 copy


L-36 copy

L-37 copy

L-41 copy


And here are a couple other random photos of the boys I had from this day!

NC-1 web

NC-2 web

2 thoughts on “Valentine Breakfast

  1. Sunni says:

    Somebody is already nesting…with blog posts. 🙂 Keep the posts coming mama! 🙂 I love it. And congrats on your bookend-girls…such a sweet family!

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