Jocelyn’s 5th Birthday Party

This year, we decided to have a pretty laid back and simple party for Jocelyn with just a few friends. I kind of wore myself out with the boys party. Ha!  Before her party started, her daddy took her ice skating for the first time and she did wonderful and loved it!!  She made it home just in time to party.  We asked the kids to come in the jammies.  The kids had a fun evening jumping on the trampoline, frosting cupcakes, putting their own toppings on Mr. Goodcents sandwiches for dinner, opening presents, playing, and finally enjoying a movie in sleeping bags. Jocelyn even got to have her best buddy stay the night. They were up entirely too late, but had a blast!

She did a wonderful job of including her brother in all the activities too. They have their moments, but love each other lots!
I love this little princess!!

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