Jonah: Cake Smash and 1 year stats

Remember back in October when I said I would post Jonah’s cake smash pictures? Well life got a little crazy and I have lots of pictures to share. I thought I would start right where I left off. So here are the photos from the cake smash, which is my favorite one to date…I may be a bit bias 🙂

Here is the one of the boys together that I already shared

And then Jonah got some by himself.

Sweet boy did not want to leave his hat on


I loved his cake and that I got the top to look like clouds!


He however was not a fan!

                                However, when we smashed it for him, he gobbled it up. Such a funny boy!




He loved it and Jackson even got to join in on some fun!

Here are Jonah’s one year stats:

Weight: 17 pounds, 9 ounces (0%)

Height: 27.5 inches (1%)

Head circumference: 68%

I will do an updated post soon, but he finally has more teeth and broke 20 pounds! Still not walking, but he did take his first steps at 13 months and just taking his sweet time.

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