Jonah and Jackson {a Planes party}

I knew Jackson would love the movie Planes when it came out and I was right. We decided to throw a party for him and Jonah together since their birthdays are two days apart. It was so much fun!  I made these cute ticket invitations in Photoshop and mailed them out to each kid. I had some for Jonah’s friends and some for Jackson’s.

My mom and I set everything up at the park and we were blessed with a beautiful evening.

All the guests arrived and the kids played, made paper airplanes, and colored coloring sheets.
When all the kids were done coloring and folding their airplanes. We lined them up for an airplane flying contest.
Noah’s airplane flew the furthest and Jackson picked Jocelyn’s as his favorite (she colored it blue just for him). They both got a little gift card to Freddy’s 🙂 We then went on to do the Dusty Crophopper pinta, but I forgot to take pictures of that. After that we enjoyed some Pizza and then opened gifts.
After gifts, it was time for cupcakes!
Pretty sure that was Jonah’s favorite part of the party!
Happy Birthday Boys!!
I normally don’t put this much detail into parties, but I had so much fun with this one, and I felt like since we were able to celebrate both of the boy’s birthdays, I was killing two birds with one stone! PS. It is super hard to throw a party and take pictures!! Lesson learned 🙂

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