Jonah: eleven months

You will be one next week! We took your cake smash photos and first birthday photos yesterday…I can’t wait to share those. You and Jackson will be celebrating your birthdays together with your friends this Saturday at the park. 

Buddy you are still crawling everywhere and are super fast. You are also crusing the furniture, pushing around the retro rocket, and have recently attempted a few headstands after watching sis do it ALL DAY LONG! You are so funny! You have started saying cat, it sounds like that, but every time you see Gracie you always try to say cat. Still just two teeth and still nursing A LOT! You are just such a little thing though, so thats fine with me! You are my climber…anything you can climb on, you will. And I can already tell you are going to be ornery. You shake that cute little head NO at me way too much. You can also shake it Yes, but I don’t see that very often, unless I ask you if you want food 🙂 

Can’t wait to celebrate ONE!