Family Vaction {Snowmass, CO} Part 3

Sunday morning, we got up and ate breakfast (which Justin made) and then got the joy of watching the balloons finally get to fly. It was such an awesome view!


Poor April wasn’t feeling great, so they hit the road early and headed the quickest way home! I felt awful for her, especially since she is super pregnant.  We stayed for about an hour longer to go down to the golf course to get a better view of the balloons. Here are a couple photos from my iPhone.
By the time we got down there, most of the balloons had landed and they started to deflate them.


The kids jumped in the bouncy house for a bit and then we took off for the long drive home.  We took a different route than when we drove out and headed towards Aspen.  Between Aspen and Twin Peaks was absolutely break taking…we stopped A LOT!
We stopped at the Top of the Rockies Byway for a potty break and to see this awesome view.
On our way through Twin Peaks, we were getting hungry and found this campsite. We decided to stop and have a picnic.


Here is the view leaving Twin Peaks
We got home really late, but driving the longer route was definitely worth it! If you are looking to go on a family vacation, I definitely recommend Colorado!












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