First Day of School {2013}

Today Jocelyn and Jackson started the first day of school. Jocelyn is in preschool 5 days a week and Jackson will be going to Mom’s Day Out once a week.  Today was nuts to say the least.  I got all of their stuff together and made these cute signs late last night. I took a some photos before we headed out the door.

Our first stop was to get some donuts. We try to do this on the first day every year. It has become a tradition.
We then headed to drop Jackson off for five hours. One more photo to humor Mom and one of a friend in his class 🙂
After that Jocelyn had to wait three hours until it was her turn…I tried to keep her busy and distracted. She asked a hundred questions…when do I go to school, why does Jackson get to go first, I wish I was two still…can I be two, why does he get to take his lunch, I COULD GO ON! Ha, we spent the hour before school on a lunch date to the pizza place. And I realized two kids feels so much less stressful than three, but we missed Jackson!
Finally it was time! She was so excited, I don’t think I could drove fast enough for her. I of course had to take some pictures because we were a little early.
Both the kids had an awesome day! I will share photos from their Back to School photos soon!

2 thoughts on “First Day of School {2013}

    • Jen says:

      Thanks Chantel! Yes the signs are so fun! If you ever need me to make one for your little lady in the future, let me know! I can email the file and you can print it 🙂

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