Jonah: ten months

Jonah you are now ten and a half months. We FINALLY got you in to see Dr. P for your nine month check-up…whoops. So is the life of the third child! You are still a little guy, weighing in at 16 pounds 8 ounces (0%), you are 27 inches tall (2%), and you still have a big head (77%).

You are still just crawling on hands and knees everywhere and pulling up on everything. Still not cruising yet. You hate to lay still when I change your diaper. Your favorite toy right now is a ball and you like to roll it all over the house. You also love the cat! You also have mastered signing more & all done, and like to clap and wave. And your two words are Mom and Dada. You do babble a lot especially to brother and sister trying to get a word in.  You got two teeth this past weekend (8/31) and you are eating more solid foods and starting to wean.