Jonah: nine months

Jonah you are nine months, and actually almost ten, but Momma is just now getting around to editing all of the photos I took of you over the past couple weeks! There are a bunch. You and your brother and sister keep me pretty busy. I even forgot to reschedule your nine month check-up, so we will have to wait to see how big you are at ten months. Pretty sure you are still a little peanut though! You are crawling everywhere and are getting fast! You get better everyday. You are super curious and follow us all around the house. A couple days ago, you pulled yourself up at the coffee table , but weren’t sure how to get back down. You still have ZERO teeth, so we haven’t ventured outside of pureed baby food minus things that dissolve easily. You absolutely love to laugh. If you hear anyone laughing, you usually join right in. Your sister makes you laugh the most!

Jonah-3 copy   Jonah-4 copy


Jonah-2 copy



Your big brother and sister love you to pieces


and they teach you lots of useful things!

Jonah-11 copy

Here are some photos from your nine month photo shoot. Rock Chalk!

9 months-1

9 months-4   9 months-14

9 months-8 copy

9 months-17   9 months-18

Your nickname from momma, although your dad hates when I call you this, is Jojo. Jackson has trouble with pronouncing his letter Js, so he calls you Dodo. Happy nine months Jo!

9 months-2 web

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