Happy Fourth

We headed down to Coffeyville to spend the fourth with Justin’s family. We had a blast hanging outside, swimming, eating, playing games, and shooting fireworks. All of the cousins were there, which is fun, because everyone has a playmate. Lots of pictures to share!

  4th of July-1 copy   4th of July-2 copy

4th of July-3 copy

  4th of July-7 copy   4th of July-9 copy

4th of July-10 copy

  4th of July-11 copy   4th of July-12 copy

4th of July-17 web

4th of July-18 copy

James kept walking around with his hands behind his back .

  4th of July-20 copy   4th of July-21 copy 

  4th of July-24 copy   4th of July-25 copy

4th of July-28 copy

4th of July-29 copy

4th of July-31 copy

4th of July-33 copy

  4th of July-30 copy   4th of July-49 copy

  4th of July-35 copy   4th of July-38 copy

  4th of July-41 copy   4th of July-42 copy   4th of July-43 copy   4th of July-44 copy

4th of July-45 copy

4th of July-46 copy

4th of July-47 copy

4th of July-50 copy

4th of July-52 copy

4th of July-55 copy

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