Jonah: eight months

Jonah you have learned so much over the past month, from finally rolling over from your back to your belly (thanks Nana!) to waving, and TMI, you even pooped in the potty for the first time (this is not a regular thing, I could just tell you needed to go). Now you are 8 months old and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this month.

You are also sitting really good now and starting to belly crawl a little bit too. And your favorite word is still dada, other than that just a lot of baby talk. And still no teeth.

We tried to take some pictures today on the deck while brother and sister were on the trampoline jumping…we did not get many smiles, however I did get some pretty funny faces out of you. My serious little man!

  8 months-5   8 months-6  

8 months-14

You love stuffing your face with puffs! Your favorite are the Happy puffs: green puffs

  8 months-8   8 months-10

Caught him clapping

  8 months-11   8 months-15

You may be small, but you have the best leg rolls!

  8 months-24   8 months-23

Happy 8 months Jonah!

Jonah 8 months web

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