2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 25 + 26

IMG_8560   IMG_8572   IMG_8576

IMG_8577   IMG_8589   IMG_8594

IMG_8608   IMG_8632   IMG_8645

1. Father’s Day at the ball field! It’s hot! 2. Having fun at the pool! 3. She is too cute. She loves getting her teeth cleaned. 4. Reposted this from @joey_wicklarious … Jackson loves thus guy and they have so much fun while mommy does bible study! 5. He is sporting his new sandals from his Nana. He loves shoes! 6. Sis is at VBS and Jonah is napping, so these two are enjoying Stuart Little. 7. Thankful for big beach umbrellas. 8. These sweet girls had such a fun time getting haircuts together tonight! 9. Love my new Fourth of July firecrackers!

IMG_8667   IMG_8673   IMG_8695  

IMG_8696   IMG_8705   IMG_8714  

IMG_8764   IMG_8780   IMG_8789

1. She decided to have a birthday party for her panda. 2. Love this face!! 3. Big kid. 4. Boys do not grow up gradually. They move forward in spurts like the hands of clocks in railway stations. – Cyril Connolly 5. Enjoying root beer floats at the park with this brave girl. She did so good at the dentist getting her teeth fixed while I got my teeth cleaning. 6. He may not look like it, but this guy had the pukies. 7. This is such a pitiful face. 8. This guy has been doing good keeping liquids down since I started giving it to him a ml at a time. 9. The only place he let me set him down for a few minutes was outside…he also flashed me a smile. Got sick again early this morning, so we are starting over!

IMG_8806   IMG_8812   IMG_8817

IMG_8827   IMG_8831   IMG_8833

IMG_8846   IMG_8864   IMG_8865

1. Finally something worth playing on the floor for. Thought my arms were going to fall off. 2. So thankful for all my friends who have taken care of me these last few days. Sweet @daciaann dropped off the grocery store plus dinner to my front porch! We so so grateful! Thank you Dacia, @aunruh, and@jwatkins612. Don’t know what I’d do without the three of you! 3. Hello beautiful sky… 4. Crazy big kids trying to make Jonah crack a smile…ha! 5. Hanging in the van charging my phone because our power has been out for 5 hours. At least Jonah is finally feeling better (I think)! 6. Thankful for a bathroom with natural light. This guy has the pukies now! With no power, I can’t wash sheets. He may be sleeping in the bath. Ha! 7. My little kitchen helper in her roller blades 8. Snowcones!! 9. They think they are hilarious! Sidenote: thought everyone was feeling better, but Jocelyn got sick short after this. Just glad we were outside!

06.16.2013 – 06.29.2013

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