Summer is here {finally!}

I love summer, especially because we have lots of barbeques with some of our favorite people. We had The Unruhs over a couple weekends ago and had lots of fun! The kids played in the flower sprinkler and splashed in the pool while the food was being cooked. And Jonah got to snuggle with April on the porch.

     swim-3 copy   swim-4 copy

     swim-1 copy   swim-6

Jackson needed a break to hang with his dad and watch the other kids play.

swim-5 copy

He and T decided to rock on the porch for a while. I hope they are still doing this 80 years from now Winking smile

swim-10 copy

      swim-8   swim-9

      swim-11   swim-12 copy

These two are our other hope that our families will be joined someday Winking smile … sad I forgot to change my aperture and G is a little out of focus!

swim-13 copy

swim-14 copy

Hoping to have lots more bbqs this summer!

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