2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 23 + 24

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1. Whew I am tired. #organic #baby food#weangreen 2. Yay the first canvas has arrived! 3. They love to water the tree. 4. She is stoked she got to exchange her grey medal at gymnastics tonight for this rainbow one!     5. He got to swing at the park today and LOVED it! 6. So fun! 7. She and i have been waiting for this day 😉 she loves to feed him! 8. Yay big canvas is here. 9. It’s a beautiful day for the farmers market!

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1. I ❤ peonies! 2. Can’t keep these little hands out of the strawberries we got this morning 3. A very pinkalicious party. 4. My prince. 5. Handsome boy. 6. Singing their hearts out for Jesus. 7. Enjoying some bible stories on the porch this afternoon. 8. Staying after gymnastics to watch the big girls for a little bit. Jocelyn ❤s this! 9. Lunch after VBS with their cousin! They are so excited he gets to stay for a sleepover.

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1. Really enjoy peeking through the window to spy of my kids! Jackson is having lots of fun at VBS! 2. My friend just sent her save the date! So excited for next summer!! 3. These turned out so funny! 4. They sure are sweet together. 5. So proud of this girl today… She tied her shoes! 6. Isn’t he adorable. Check out his cake smash on my photo blog.


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