2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 21 + 22

IMG_7937   IMG_7949   IMG_7951

IMG_7965   IMG_7970   IMG_8015

IMG_8017   IMG_8035   IMG_8049

1. Came outside to find her daddy teaching her to ride without training wheels last night!! How can she be this big already!?!? 2. ❤ 3. We all fall down. 4. We’ve been having lots of fun outside before the storm. 5. Hanging in the basement…I hate tornados! 6. This girl did her cartwheel tonight in front of everyone. 7. So proud of her! 8. We had cool whip on our dessert, so I gave some to Jonah to play with to try out a new texture. He had fun drawing a picture and even figured out it was yummy to eat. 9. Story-time with Aunt @laurenshicks and Uncle Chris

IMG_8069   IMG_8081   IMG_8089

IMG_8095   IMG_8101   IMG_8110

IMG_8120   IMG_8136   IMG_8137

1. Nana trying to teach this content little man to roll over. 2. Found some awesome things at my Mimi’s house today to fix up for our house, but these peonies from her garden plus this blue mason jar were some of my favorite finds. Makes my heart happy!! 3. Happy birthday to my nephew!! 4. Bumper boats. 5. Having fun at Trevor’s party! 6. My little golfer…he even wore the appropriate attire! 7. Sticks that tongue out when he is concentrating just like his daddy. 8. So much fun! 9. Cousins

IMG_8139   IMG_8149   IMG_8153

IMG_8169   IMG_8182   IMG_8195

IMG_8214   IMG_8240   IMG_8251

1. Jonah was there tonight too and had fun watching all of the kids. 2. Going on a date tonight..thanks Nana and Papa! 3. Happy Memorial Day!!! 4. Happy 26th birthday to my SIL! (We didn’t have a 6) 5. Small fry. 6. Really gross, but I chopped a bunch of hair! Ready for summer!! 7. I was brave today… Going to have to get used to this, but I think I like it 🙂 8. Loving my new prinstagram prints and yes I need to paint myself a new sign and take that one down. 9. Jonah finally rolled to his belly from his back unassisted for the Kleenex box. Thanks Nana for teaching him!

IMG_8256   IMG_8259   IMG_8272

IMG_8289   IMG_8323   IMG_8325

1. So sad nana and Papa had to leave, but we had fun! 2. Love these babes! 3. Sleeping baby, please knock. 4. My mini me. 5. This kid likes to get stuff done. Today he started rolling everywhere, started waving, and pooped in the potty for the first time. 6. Trying to decide which photo to hang I we our couch. I think this is the winner! Thanks @gdreher for the awesome photos. We love them!!

05.19.2013 – 06.01.2013

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