2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 19 + 20


IMG_7972   IMG_7588.JPG (2)   IMG_7618

IMG_7632   IMG_7636.JPG (2)   IMG_7973

1. Sweet cards from my family. Love what Jackson told Justin to write. 2. Love this girl. 3. Happy Cinco de Mayo! 4. Ha! Loving my speech bubble 🙂 and thanks to my husband for the photo. 5. Officially another year older! 6. Love these crazy people!

IMG_7672   IMG_7679   IMG_7686

IMG_7696   IMG_7704   IMG_7710

IMG_7712   IMG_7713   IMG_7715

1. Hoping for the warmer weather to stick around! 2. 1 out of 4 pieces of the boy’s furniture I want to get painted is done!! I hope I can actually finish a project for once! 3. Two pieces done, two to go! Whew this is tiring. I don’t know how you do this ALL the time @shabbechic!! And with much bigger pieces! 4. That trampoline wore her out! 5. He loves bath time! 6. Cake smash was successful! She LOVED it! 7. Yummy cupcakes at#thecottagecollective tonight. 8. Forgot about this cuteness from the grocery store yesterday. 9. It’s a good day to be a new momma or a pregnant one or my husband!

IMG_7725   2A1B5DC7-CF72-4668-83C4-3A596933C54C   IMG_7743

IMG_7762   IMG_7782   IMG_7807

IMG_7810   IMG_7814   IMG_7816

1. The boys are going to be styling for Jonah’s dedication tomorrow. 2. The cow fell asleep. 3. Not sure how I didn’t get a single photo with my@kids today…but here they are with their mammaw and grandpa. Happy dedication day Jonah!! 4. Silly boy. 5. Justin age 2…Jackson sure looks a lot like his daddy still! 6. Someone sure is happy after a 4 hour nap and I had to wake him. 7. This garage sale stuff is tiring…nowhere close to being done! 8. They love their brother. 9. These are some cute boys!

IMG_7894   IMG_7849   IMG_7853

IMG_7866   IMG_7870   IMG_7878

IMG_7881   IMG_7896   IMG_7903

1. Last day of school!  2. Girls selling cupcakes for #sixtyfeet. 3. The kids earned $137 today for#cupcakekids. And thanks a bunch to this girl for the huge donation!! We love you @saramacphotography 4. Went to brush Jackson’s teeth last night and came back to see Jocelyn reading a book to Jonah. So sweet! 5. Daddy daycare! My hubby has been a lifesaver during the garage sale. 6. The boys had a turn selling cupcakes…both pretty shy though. They’ve raised $81 today so far, for a grand total of $288 so far. That’s enough to buy a nutritious meal for a whole facility plus 16 bibles for kids! 7. Church camp out with their daddy tonight! They are SO excited!! 8. Thankful for awesome friends who take time out of their night to help out. Andrea made 6 dozen cupcakes for the stand tomorrow. 9. Jonah and Easton are selling cupcakes and coffee this morning.

05.05.2013 – 05.18.2013

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