bike ridin

We have been enjoying the sunny and warmer weather and Jackson asks me probably 20 times a day’ “ Me go ride my bike.” He loves that thing! So, they are outside or in the garage a lot riding around in circles.  And Justin got Jackson an awesome Spiderman helmet. He had to get one for a 5 year old…that’s how big his noggin is.

Bike-26 copy   Bike-27 copy

The other day before bed, I came outside after giving Jonah a bath to find Justin had taken off Jocelyn’s training wheels and was try to teach her to ride. She still has a long ways to go, but she is loving it!

         Bike-20 copy   Bike-21 copy

         Bike-22 copy   Bike-23 copy

Bike-24 copy

And check out those cute Converse she is wearing in the above photo…I have also been trying to teach her to tie them and she absolutely loves this. She has the first part down now and is so very close to getting them completely tied all by herself. She always wants to wear her “tie” shoes and they have to be “double knot.”

   Bike-29 copy   Bike-30 copy

I will blog more again someday…between the kids, my photography business, and taking some photos/ doing a couple other things for The Cottage Collective & All Dolled Up, I am one busy girl!! Oh I forgot to mention housework, ya I do that too…sometimes Winking smile

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