2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 17 + 18

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1. To paint or not…I painted the drawers today with the chalk board paint, thinking white for the rest. Also adding a skirt around it to hide the toys. Need some opinions. 2. He thinks his big sis is so funny. 3. So crazy that it snowed last night, but today we are enjoying the trampoline. 4. They make getting out of bed at 6:30 worth it. 5. Pretty impossible to get everyone smiling and being still anymore, but had to get them in their shirts. 6. I ❤ Craigslist! 7. She is getting good at this toe touch business. 8. Almost 10 years ago. 9. "Mom, take this picture of me!" He brightens any rainy day!!

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1. Love using polyvore to help plan outfits for our family photos. Justin always seems to be the hardest though! 2. I had so much fun second shooting a wedding for @gdreher tonight! 3. So cozy after bath. 4. Big boy enjoying his first ride in the shopping cart sitting up! 5. My husband should probably see this. 6. I love watching their brotherly bond grow. 7. Checking out the lighting at the location for my mommy and me minis this weekend. My little model is still in her gymnastics clothes. 8. She is such a natural. 9. Look who I found in Splurge magazine.

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1. Licking the sweet potato baby food off the spatula as if it were brownie batter. He cracks me up! 2. I loved watching her sing at her preschool’s Mother’s Day program this morning. And the flowers she gave me! 3. Pedicures with my girl and a couple friends tonight. 4. Happy boy after his nap. 5. Ready to start golfing with their daddy. 6. Enjoying some one on one time with this guy! (He and i went to get me a new phone for my birthday)! 7. Justin and the kids built and painted bug boxes. He is such a fun dad!! 8. Little golfer. 9. Olive Garden tonight to celebrate my birthday (which is actually cinco de mayo).

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