Jonah: six months

Jonah is already half a year old…time is flying by, as I very well know now it does. It seems to get faster with each child. I am really clinging on to this early stage, which also happens to be my favorite. I love when there is no back talk or chasing after…but I do cherish the playing and conversations I have with the older two.  Praying that my husband will want another and the Lord will bless us again someday. I love being a momma!

Jonah went in for his appointment on April 16th and of course I am just now getting around to blogging; better late than never. He was 15 pounds, 1 ounce (10%), 25” (they measured wrong again and I am too much of a wuss to say anything, like it is a big deal…he was measured at 24.5” and 2%), and his head circumference was 44.5 cm (71%).  His four month stats are here. The six month stats for Jackson are here and Jocelyn are here.

I actually did a photo shoot this month of him and love how these turned out. We needed a picture for his baby dedication coming up on Mother’s Day, so I wanted to get a cute one. Here is the one I am going to use…


I sent out some invitations to invite family to his dedication. I loved this prayer I found online and had to use it for the front of his invite!


more photos from the shoot

6 months-1

6 months-3 copy

6 months-14 copy

6 months-17 copy

The big kids always want to jump in with I am taking pictures of someone else. I am perfectly fine with that because I end up getting gems like these!

L-6 copy

6 months-7 copy

He really has no interest in go places yet, which I am totally fine with! I can lay him on the floor and he stays put. Although, if he is in his walker, he will explore around the kitchen. He loves doing that. He also has started clapping a little and is super chatty saying baba and dada. He is getting better at sitting and can stay up for quite sometime. I don’t feel comfortable leaving him alone yet.

His love for food has really taken off this past month. He is eating peas, pears, apples, butternut squash, oatmeal, carrots, and sweet potatoes. He loves them all and gets so excited at meal time. No teeth yet.

Here are the monthly photos we got with his friends.

group web

Smiley boy

untitled-1 web

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