2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 15 + 16

IMG_7353   IMG_7356   IMG_7377

IMG_7388   IMG_7389   IMG_7394

1. Daddy made lunch before he left to golf so I could have a nap. He sure is sweet. 2. I was so busy this weekend at#derbygirlscraftweekend teaching, designing, and helping paint signs, that I completely forgot to do one for our house. Luckily, @annienkaylee had this awesome piece of barn wood that she let me have. I just had to paint this verse since it is shaped like a house. 3. My house smells just like Fall today. Roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Made pears too and Jonah loved those! #organic 4. Enjoying #motherson #dateknight with Jackson & Jonah at #chickfila 5. He loves the cow and won’t stop talking about it! 6. Caricatures.

IMG_7398   IMG_7403   IMG_7426

IMG_7428   IMG_7432   IMG_7438

1. We had an awesome #dateknight!! 2. Love these two!! 3. Love reading over the blessing ring my friends made at Jonah’s shower. And adding prayers and scripture to it as he gets bigger. 4. Getting all ready to take some pictures of my cousin’s new baby girl tomorrow. 5. My cousins sweet baby girl! 6. #stilllivingathome

IMG_7444   IMG_7449   IMG_7458

IMG_7460   IMG_7472   IMG_7479

1. I couldn’t resist taking his picture in this adorable outfit he finally fits in. 2. Painting the rocks from your house@saramacphotography. 3. There is a two-headed cow in my backseat. 4. So impressed with Jocelyn’s zebra. 5. 6 month appointment. 6. My cousin looks beautiful in her prom dress. We had fun shopping with her!

IMG_7489   IMG_7491   IMG_7493

IMG_7495   IMG_7504   IMG_7510

1. This guy wanted to nap on me this afternoon, so I got a nap too. Now he is just laying here snuggling me. He has been like this for the last 15 minutes…such a good boy! 2. I may have a washi tape obsession. 3. Baby Jonah is getting dedicated. 4. Nana always sends the cutest outfits! 5. Date with the mister tonight. Can you tell I’m excited 😉 Thank you to one of my best friends for watching my babies!!! 6. Striking a pose in her new Hello Kitty outfit.

04.07.2013 – 04.20.2013

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