2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 13 + 14

IMG_7170   IMG_7175   IMG_7193

IMG_7210   IMG_7218   IMG_7227

IMG_7229   IMG_7246   IMG_7247

1. Enjoying the hockey game tonight thanks to Learjet. Justin gets to play some broom ball in a bit. 2. Her spring hair, a bit shorter in the back. 3. Happy boy. 4. Jonah got to see his buddy today. 5. Love our small town and that I run into one of my besties at the gas station! 6. So sweet to my ears to hear him singing "Give me Jesus." WAY better than Elmo! 7. Kitchen helpers. 8. She is ready to hunt. 9. Jackson is too quick for my came.

IMG_7259   IMG_7266   IMG_7275

IMG_7279   IMG_7282   IMG_7289

IMG_7294   IMG_7300   IMG_7313

1. It is so hard to be on time for preschool at 9 am!! 2. The boys and I are at Atwood’s to buy some chicken wire for craft weekend! Of course we had to visit the chicks. 3. Finally made more laundry soap, just needs more water. Each container usually lasts us about 4 months! 4. These kids are monkeys! 5. Jonah is trying peas today…thanks@amandamariebanister for telling me about the adorable ice cube trays. Love these little squares. 6. He seems to like them 🙂 yay! 7. Thankful for sweet friends who think to grab me some organic produce while they are out 🙂 Jonah will love his#organic pears, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes! 8. Giddy over these desks I found on Craigslist for a steal! And that my sweet hubby spent two hours in the car to go pick them up for me 🙂 now I guess we need one more kid Winking smile 9. The big kids put this hat on him and he loved it!

  IMG_7325   IMG_7334   IMG_7336  

IMG_7338   IMG_7346   IMG_7349

These are all from the craft weekend I had with my girlfriends: 1. @jwatkins612 teaching how to make burlap wreaths. 2. Boards sanded and ready to paint! So excited to share this craft with everyone tomorrow. 3. lots of paint choices 4. Jonah snuggling with Shannon so Momma can paint. 5. Everyone has done so great on their signs!! 6. So in love with @annienkaylee‘s towel rack for her daughter’s bathroom!!

03.24.2013 – 04.06.2013

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